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You're enthusiastic about trying new things and can spare a few minutes to provide feedback about how the first iteration of the platform could best serve you and your pup.

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We get it, you're surveyed out and are totally cool with following the first wave of early adopters to the platform.


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Dogs & humans are PACK ANIMALS 

We belong together.

Goldendoodle, 1-3, Goofy, Playful, Energetic, Sweetheart

30-44, Adventurous, Personable, Trustworthy, Creative

Gear (14)

Places (9)

Services (5)

Tips (23)

Resources (18)

Favorites (11)

Activities (8)

Furriends (15)

Routine (10)

Milestones (21)



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We create trusted communities

for your dog and for you.

Pack Animals is for navigating dog life together in trusted communities (‘packs’) that offer shared experiences and exclusive perks. We believe that if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a pack to raise a dog!


Capped at 150 members and organically grown (invite-only), each pack caters to a specific theme (venue, lifestyle, breed, location, etc.) and is large enough to uncover the best ideas and resources, but small enough for real friendships to grow.


Common ground

Camaradie comes naturally when people have something in common. That's why our packs are organized around themes like neighborhood, breed, lifestyle, life stage, venue, etc. To keep content as relevant as possible, each pack has smaller groups (sub-packs) for more specific topics (e.g. Doodle puppies x living in Brooklyn).

Fun and games

Dogs and humans are playful, social animals, and Pack Animals offers plenty of opportunities for fun both online and in person. We go way beyond cute dog pictures, and get people sharing via innovative collaborative posts (we call  'dog piles') that highlight the silly, surprising, and adorable aspects of dog ownership. When it's time for some outdoor play, you'll be romping with your pack-mates in just a few clicks!

Smarter together

Navigating the fragmented world of dog gear, service providers, routines, training, and wellness isn't easy alone. But by pooling knowledge and experiences in a pack, it's easier than ever to compare notes and make informed choices!

Cooperative & accountable

The trusted relationships built within your packs can become a valuable source of support and accountability. Whether you need help staying motivated to brush your dog's teeth regularly, someone to buy your extra crate, or a dog-walking/sitting favor, your pack provides reliable options for services that can otherwise be unpredictable and expensive.

Strength in numbers

Sticking together creates a tremendous amount of leverage, allowing Pack Animals to negotiate perks (discounts, giveaways, new product testing, etc.) and access to experts that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Everything in one place

As you engage with your pack-members and add to your profile, you will also be creating a centralized view of your dog's health records, subscriptions, service providers, appointments, and more. Use Pack Animals to streamline conversations with your service providers (vet, trainer, groomer, sitter, etc.) and keep track of the outcomes of each visit.

pack mentality

Tap into the benefits of a

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