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Research has shown that dog & human wellness is a 2-way street

"Anything we're going to be doing to improve our dogs' health and life span is likely to improve ours, and anything we're doing for humans is very likely to improve our dogs.

- Dr. Nicole Ehrhart, veterinarian and director of Center for Healthy Aging, Colorado State University

"Dog walking is associated with more walking and leisure-time physical activity (LTPA); however, a substantial proportion of dog owners do not walk their dog. The promotion of dog walking could help increase LTPA."

- Journal of Physical Activity & Health

"Seeing a therapist may be stressful for some patients, and having a dog in the room might help ease some of that worry. Using an animal as a distraction is an effective technique to alleviate a patient's fear and anxiety."

- Effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy, Kamioka H, Okada S, Tsutani K, et al.

​Humans and dogs face many wellness challenges, from mental health and obesity crises, to service provider shortages and expensive care.


Pack Animals improves quality of life for both by leveraging the strength of the human-dog bond to develop healthier habits, improving affordable access to experts, and creating communities ('packs') that care for each other.

We help strengthen dog-human bonds so both can be happier and healthier.

How it works:

Are you a dog parent or a dog lover? What benefits do you hope to achieve from interacting with Pack Animals and why is it important to you? Your answers will help us customize your experience

1. Tell us about yourself

Our packs are niche communities of humans and dogs with common interests or characteristics (location, breed, lifestyle, etc). We'll assign you to ones that are relevant based on your answers, but you can join as many as you like!

2. Get matched to packs

Grow mindfulness around the everyday behaviors that improve wellness for both species, and tap into the benefits of a Pack mentality like the tools, supports, and knowledge that improve quality of life.

3. Unlock the true potential of dogs & humans

We've got a spot for you.

Our communities are for all kinds of dog people. Whether you're a dog parent, a dog lover, or a dog business, we've got a spot for you.  

Dog Parents

People who currently own a dog.


Dog Lovers

People who don't currently own a dog but love being around them.


Dog Businesses

People who want to build community around their dog product or service. 


Build a bond that lets you and your dog thrive.

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"Such a wonderful group and fun adventure! Thank you for coordinating a wonderful walk and learn! Immediately applied the tips, met great people, got some steps in, and came home with a sleepy dog. Looking forward to the next activity! Big thanks for creating and fostering this community!"

Roxanne & Jolene

Relationship goals for you & your dog.