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  • 19'' Safe Pull LInk

19'' Safe Pull LInk


This link is 19 inches long from end to end, has two autolocking carabiners and a welded O ring with weight bearing capacity of 330 lbs. You can select the color so it matches your style!
Attach one end to the harness and the other end to the collar, and then attach your leash to the moving O ring. The movement of the O ring means that if your dog pulls, the O ring will move to the center point and distribute the force of pulling between two points, which eases tension on the dog and makes it easier for the human to manage the dog's pulling to then work on necessary training skills.

You can consider this link length if you have a large sized dog and feel that in the future you may want to connect to the front and back of the dog's harness and want added length.

- 550 lb hand braided paracord
- 880 lb autolocking lightweight aluminum carabiners
- 330 lb welded O ring

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