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Priority Waitlist

You're enthusiastic about trying new things and can spare a few minutes to provide feedback about how the first iteration of the platform could best serve you and your pup.

General Waitlist

We get it, you're surveyed out and are totally cool with following the first wave of early adopters to the platform.


We'll be launching soon, so be sure to

In exchange for completing a 5-minute survey, you'll get access to our


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Dogs & humans are pack animals. 


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Dogs & humans are pack animals. 


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Trusted communities


Dog parents have a lot in common. We want to give our dogs the best and the experience teaches us about ourselves and our relationships with our dogs and other people. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a pack to raise a dog.


Capped at 150 members, our packs are organically grown (invite-only) and help you break the ice with other members so you can build trusted communities that benefit your pup, and support you, too. 

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Connect with your service providers

Centralize your interaction with all your service providers - vet, trainer, groomer, sitter - in one place. This will open up communication and give you an easy to track history for your pup.

Join up to 5 packs and subpacks

Each pack is organized for members have something in common - location, age, breed, lifestyle, etc. You can join up to 5 packs based on what you want to have in common with you packmates.

Interact and post

Pack members are encouraged to start a dog pile, ask questions, share photos and how they’re feeling, highlight new product discoveries, and more. Since there aren’t any visible metrics on the platform, all your interactions will be genuinely motivated.

Join the waitlist

By joining the waitlist you are expressing interest in signing up for Pack Animals when we launch the app. The information you provide will help us invite you to a relevant pack.

Create a profile

Pack Animals is a profile-first platform since trust starts with knowing who you’re talking to. Your profile will showcase parents and dogs so pack members can know each other by name.

Learn about your pack-mates

Everyone is asked to share an ice breaker when they join to spark conversation. Our pack structure encourages you to invite people to your pack, but remember each one is capped at 150 members.


Be among the first to experience Pack Animals!

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